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SUDS 57_Soap package layout -03_edited.jpg

Soap Packaging 

SUDS 57 is a family owned and operated soap business seeking

to provide the best product to our customers.


The company was established in 2018 to provide elegant organic soap at affordable prices. Our soap is made in the U.S, but we distribute worldwide because we believe everyone should have access to elegant organic soap. 

This is a fictional soap brand that I designed for a class project. The name stands

for the 57 different soap scents that a person could buy. Each scented soap has a different number as well as a different pattern that makes each scented soap packaging unique. 

Packaging design-14.jpg
2021-08_GROUP SHOOT_suds 57 packaging _1.jpg
suds 57 packaging _Back side.jpg
Packaging design_03-14.jpg
suds 57 packaging _7.jpg
suds 57 packaging _11.jpg
suds 57 packaging _5.jpg
Packaging design_02-14.jpg
suds 57 packaging _16.jpg
suds 57 packaging _19.jpg
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