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My name is Ashley Hines


I design through creative visions adapted to your business, integrating digital and handcrafted elements.

My Story

 I am a graphic designer with a passion for photography. I am a flexible designer who can perform diverse roles with a balanced perspective. My love for graphic design began in high school where I took my first graphic design class in which I discovered that art is more than just painting and drawing. Through continuing my education in graphic design, I've learned to approach problems throughout creative solutions which will also help the community in which I work. In doing so, a part of me is reflected in each design that will ultimately benefit my clients. 

I specialize in branding, packaging, and website design but look forward to the creative challenges that allow me to

grow as a designer. Package design is the field I'm most excited about because it allows me to use inventive, creative ideas as I move through the prototype phase of design allowing me to work more with my hands and less with my 

computer. This process give me a new perspective as a designer because I am incorporating the user's experience into my designs so that my audience can interact with and relate to the final result. 

Being a graphic designer allows me to do more than just create pretty or eye-catching designs for others to view; it allows me to use my God-given gift being an example to influence and motivate my community in positive ways. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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